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Printmasta is a dependable company with the headquarters in Poland, but it offers its services to clients from all over Europe. They specialise in the production of optical discs and cassette tapes. They perform duplication and replication of CDs and DVDs depending on the quantity of ordered products. Besides manufacturing these data storage solutions, the company is also known for their printing services. Each order can be customised with the carefully printed cardboard box or artwork for a jewel case.

Cassette tape

The lovers of everything retro will definitely appreciate the company's desire to produce cassette tapes. These products are mostly a forgotten medium, but many indie artists and people who have a big sentiment for the past appreciate it and want to continue to record audio on it. The cassette tape duplication offered by the company includes not only the engraving of data onto the tape, but also choosing how it looks. The customers can select the colour of the shell and its transparency to customise the product even further.

Offer: Cаѕѕеttе tаpе prοdսсtіοn

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